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Anonymous asked : I was wondering what you could tell what is known about their lives growing up? other family that kind of things?? I find it very hard to find such information. Thank you!!

Telli - From what I know, and Kan can correct me and add if I’m wrong.

First of all, I think the reason why it’s so difficult to find information like what you’re looking for is because both Jiho and Jiseok are very protective of their family and don’t wish them to be bothered just because they’re idols / artists. Which was made pretty obvious when Block B was dealing with the Thailand thing and Jiseok tweeted “Leave my family alone.” Which, I’m going to assume he meant like their parents and grandmother.

As for what I know; From all the selca’s they’ve taken together and with their mom, I think it’s safe to say, they were really close growing up. There have also been 2 or 3 pics of the boys at various ages with their grandmother as well. I know next to nothing about their dad, he’s not mentioned a lot if at all really, or so I’ve noticed. Not sure why.

Other random bits are Jiho (zico) was born with hernia, he’s had surgery on his heart I believe, he had asthma growing up, and from something his mom posted, she was really scared for him and his health, she also mentioned that because of Jiho being so sick, jiseok also suffered.

There’s hardly anything period about Jiseok online. Just finding an extended profile of him is the most frustrating thing in the world. I don’t know if it’s because Block B has done better (not throwin shade) than CoEd School, (hopefully Speed with their new album catches up!) but there’s like next to nothing about him outside of the basics.

And finally I’ll close with Jiho has gone to school in several countries, and been kicked out. lol. Mostly, from what I’ve read, due to lack of cleanliness. Not really sure why that was a problem but I’m not gonna ask. So yeah. If anyone knows anymore bits about the boys not mentioned, feel free to send them in. And I’ll edit the best I can. 


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- I know TaeWoon went to art school in Japan - I assume so did Zico, since they both draw.

^ I would agree since Japan was one of the places that Zico went to school, and got kicked out of. :p Thank you ma’am.

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